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Taco Tuesday in June

Rain or shine, we love our get togethers!

Because our once month big cookouts have been such a hit, we decided that we were going to start throwing in a weekday dinner once a month as well! This means that we will get to hang out with even more of our campers. Quite a few of our guys go home on weekends and haven't been able to attend our get togethers so far, so throwing in one more just felt right.

And what better way to start our Weekday Dinners than with a Taco Tuesday!

We were really hoping for perfect weather for our first Weekday Dinner, but unfortunately that just wasn't our luck. With the projected thunderstorms and it being our first event on a weekday, we weren't sure just how many people would show up. With smiles on our faces and hope in our hearts, we set up our taco bar and waited as the sky darkened more and more with every minute.

But low and behold, 5:30pm rolled around (along with the insanely loud thunder) and people just kept coming!

We even had a few give the homemade spicy pepper mixture a try... there may or may not have been quite a bit of coughing and red-faces. Sadly I only caught one and his wife's reaction in the background had us all rolling with laughter!

I am so thankful to our campers for taking a chance on getting soaked and joining us for dinner. Because of them our very first Weekday Dinner was an absolute blast and we cannot wait until August when we do our Spaghetti Dinner!

Hope to see you there!

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