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Our First Camp-O-Ween!

Most of our campers are either what we call 'lifers', those that will be with us for the long haul, or they spend their life traveling from one RV park to the next for work. Living in a camper can sometimes mean missing out on some of life's little joys. For instance, most of our campers haven't had the chance to participate in Halloween in years! With this in mind, we decided what better way to celebrate than an all outdoor and easily social distanced Camp-O-Ween!

The hubs thought I was a bit crazy to try and do this in such a short amount of time with everything else taking up so much of our time. Looking back, he might have been right but I was determined.

Everything felt a bit rushed for me. We had just taken over the campground a few months prior and there were soooo many updates and little things that we wanted to get done. But I knew how much everyone needed that 'break'. That happy day to just relax and take in the joy that only a child on Halloween can provide.

I think one of the funniest moments leading up to Camp-O-Ween was me out shopping for supplies. We had decided that the best way to let the kiddos know which campers were taking part in trick-or-treating was to put a bucket outside their camper with a balloon. Well, this mean that yours truly had to go the store and buy FIFTY FOUR buckets and enough candy to fill them. I got some of the most hilarious looks as I pushed that buggy over flowing with buckets and candy through the store!

With the help of our awesome campground family we managed pulled together an amazing night for everyone. We had great FREE food, games such as 'paint a pumpkin' and 'Grabbing For Apples', a hayride, smores, and trick-or-treating for not just our campers but the entire local community! I was blown away by the turn out and am hopeful that next year will be even bigger and better.

I cannot thank everyone enough for helping make our first annual Camp-O-Ween such a huge success!

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