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Memorial Day Cookout

Nothing says Campground Life to us like a good potluck style cookout!

What better way to honor and remember those that gave their life for our freedoms than to spend it with friends and family. Going by the smiles on every single face, yesterday was an absolute blast for all involved. I feel honored to have had the chance to spend the day with so many amazing people. We had a DJ and Karaoke set up, tons of delicious free food, cake and goodies for the kiddos, some yummy 'boozy' deserts for the adults, and the best group of campers around! I am blown away by how many chose to take part and hope that our cookouts continue to grow each month. Our plan is to have a cookout on the last Saturday of the month every month! (This may change due to weather and holidays, but at least once a month we will have some type of get together!)

Watching our campground kiddos sing their little hearts out and the crowd going wild for Disney songs that most didn't recognize was priceless. Then jump to some of our long term crew shaking their tushies to some good dance music and all I can say is if you weren't there you definitely missed out on one heck of a good time!

My youngest asked if she could make 'a speech' after one of her songs. I was a little nervous, anyone that knows her knows that you just never know what is going to come out of that sweet little girl's mouth. I tried to talk her out of it, but we compromised on her giving (in her words) 'just a really short important speech mommy, promise!' I'm going to be honest here, she made me cry! She thanked our campers for being awesome and choosing to spend their time with us, then she said that she wanted to honor her mommy and daddy for all the work that we do to make the campground great and fun days like this happen. While I am blown away by her words and truly appreciate her wanting us to be acknowledged, I also know that it takes a great community of people to make these cookouts happen.

It was a lot of work getting everything set up and ready, but boy was it worth it! Like my daughter, I am forever thankful to the amazing campers that make these things possible. They help setup, cleanup, cook, provide entertainment, and so much more. Without each of you we wouldn't be the same campground. You create an environment that is welcoming and fun for all, no matter how long you've been with us or how long you plan to stay. As soon as you set up camp you become a member of The Farm Family.

I am blown away by the balance you all help us maintain. Where else can you go where there is such a huge range of ages and backgrounds and everyone just hang out and have a good time? You guys are the ones that have made The Farm Campground what it is, and we are forever grateful.

Now, who's ready for June's Low Country Boil?!?

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