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June's Low Country Boil

I just have to say that these monthly pot-lucks make my heart so happy!

This month we celebrated my brother-in-law and his wife's thirty-first anniversary with a meal he had been wanting to cook for ages. A low country boil! We were able to find almost all the ingredients we needed. We had some locally grown corn and potatoes, sausage made by one of our awesome campers, and the biggest shrimp we could get our hands on! Sadly though after weeks of calling around we just couldn't get our hands on crawfish. But doubling up on the shrimp worked and everyone said it was absolutely delicious!

Because we know not everyone loves seafood, we also tossed some of the homemade sausage and some BBQ chicken on the grill. Nothing makes my mouth water more than a good slow cooked BBQ, and if you agree then you won't want to miss out on our Fourth of July celebration!

By the time everyone had rolled in our tables were once again overflowing with mouth watering food made with love and we couldn't wait to dig in.

While we didn't have a DJ and Karaoke this round, we did have some great music set up and playing. Everyone sat around talking, playing games, and just having a all around great experience.

These new benches were hard work,

but I am absolutely in love with how they turned out!

Each month we learn something from the cookouts and try to improve on it. Our first month we realized that screening in the inside area, moving the door to the front of the building, and adding some benches would definitely help. We also realized that the sun was intense and the threat of rain during a Southern Summer is always there. With that in mind, last month we put up a tent and it helped, but wasn't really big enough. So we changed up the Pavilion a bit more to make our cookouts even more enjoyable, and I have to say it was a huge success! The new carport cover kept the sun from beating down on us and once we add in the new fans and Thermacell Mosquito Repellents we bought it will be even better for the next cookout.

Seeing so many people come together and have a good time is what it's all about. Knowing that we aren't just a campground, we're a community, a family... it's why we do what we do.

Because we love what we do so much...

We'll be having a Pig Pickin' this Sunday, July 4th!

We'll be slow smoking a 100lb hog for, oh say.... sixteen hours.

You won't want to miss out on this one!

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